Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an HPHT Lab-created Diamond, and how does it differ from natural diamonds?

Riddhi Corporation specializes in producing HPHT Lab-created Diamonds, which are grown above ground in facilities replicating the natural diamond growth process. The main difference lies in their origin, as they are created sustainably in a controlled environment rather than being mined from the earth.

2. Why should I choose HPHT Lab-created Diamonds over natural diamonds?

Our lab-created diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. They share the same exceptional quality, brilliance, and durability as natural diamonds, but with the added benefits of traceability, environmental consciousness, and conflict-free sourcing.

3. How are Riddhi Corporation's HPHT Lab-created Diamonds manufactured?

We utilize cutting-edge presses developed in-house, achieving world records in diamond-growing technology. Our engineers and technicians ensure the highest quality by replicating the natural conditions under which diamonds form, using clean and renewable energy in our above-ground facilities.

4. What shapes and sizes of HPHT Lab-created Diamonds does Riddhi Corporation offer?

Riddhi Corporation provides a diverse range of shapes, including Round, Heart, Oval, Marquise, Emerald, Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, Baguette, and Pear. Our diamonds range in size from -2 (star melee) to 50 carats, catering to various preferences and jewelry designs.

5. Are Riddhi Corporation's HPHT Lab-created Diamonds certified?

Yes, our diamonds undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure their quality and authenticity. We offer certified diamonds with clarity up to FL (flawless) and excellent cut, meeting the highest industry standards.

6. How do HPHT Lab-created Diamonds contribute to sustainability?

Our diamonds are sustainably produced with clean, renewable energy in above-ground laboratories. This eco-friendly approach significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional diamond mining, making them a truly sustainable choice.

7. Can I purchase fancy colored HPHT Lab-created Diamonds from Riddhi Corporation?

Absolutely! Riddhi Corporation offers a wide range of fancy colored lab diamonds wholesale, including Yellow, Pink, Orange, Black, Purple, Argyle, Blue, Green, Red, Violet, and Grey. Explore our diverse collection to find the perfect colored diamond for your needs.

8. How does Riddhi Corporation ensure the quality and integrity of its HPHT Lab-created Diamonds?

With years of experience and a commitment to transparency, Riddhi Corporation has earned a reputation for honesty and trust. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding social and environmental standards is evident in our accredited operations and products.

9. What is Riddhi Corporation's mission in the lab-created diamond industry?

Our mission is to create the highest quality, pure, conflict-free, and sustainable lab-grown diamonds. We aim to shift the industry's focus from mined diamonds to eco-friendly alternatives, constantly innovating our technology to produce bigger, better, and more affordable lab-grown diamonds.

10. What sets Riddhi Corporation apart as a leading HPHT Diamond Manufacturer and Exporter?

Riddhi Corporation is India's 1st largest manufacturing lab-created diamond company for HPHT lab-grown cut & polished diamonds. As pioneers, we introduced the HPHT lab growing rough diamond in India, establishing ourselves as leaders in the industry. With a global presence and a projected net worth of INR Rs. 1000 crores by 2024-2025, we continue to lead the way in innovation and excellence.

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